we specialize in creating underwater adventures, from the tranquility of a relaxing day snorkeling to the excitement of your first breath underwater, or the unforgettable experience of drift diving on some of the worlds most beautiful reefs.

Family Diving:
 We like to accommodate and involve your entire family, regardless of age or experience. We keep our groups small so that each person can receive the level of guidance they need for a safe and fun diving and snorkeling adventure.

We cater to you.
 Write to us. Tell us where you want to go and your idea of the perfect dive or snorkel trip. For those more experienced thrill seekers, ask about exotic cenote diving, night diving and spectacular wall dives. We even offer private charters for the ultimate getaway!

You'll never be crowded into an overbooked boat.
We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your diving vacation. If you're tired of hurried trips, crowds of divers, and feeling rushed, try Cozumel's premiere dive operators: Eagle Ray Divers. Let us help you plan your adventure in paradise!

This is the perfect course if you are planning on visiting Cozumel for 3 or more days! You will learn to perfect your buoyancy, deep dive, drift dive, navigation dive and better your overall diving skills.

Our 2-reef snorkel trip is designed especially for those visitors to Cozumel who are only on the island for a limited amount of time. We'll spend less time traveling to the farther reefs and more time snorkeling at the reefs closer to the marina.

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