Cozumel Island Country Paradise Home


Altamar 2, Cozumel

A country mid island paradise home is awaiting an owner looking to escape from the congestion, traffic and tourism of the downtown area. Come to the spacious country living s you drive the transversal to the neuvo community of Altamar 2 where the local Mexicans live in a community they cal "muy tranquillo". The road leading to this community is like a highway where the median separating the two lanes are lined with endless palm tress of various kinds. Plenty of parking spaces await friends and family who desire to make a visit to your new modern designed two level two bedroom two bath country paradise home. Enter the highwall secured home and step into an enchanted garden area planted in front of a tropical beach mural. Feed the fish in the small water feature at the entrance to the  home and pause to watch the hummingbirds visit throughout the day to feed upon the nectar of colorful flowers in bloom.

 All your shopping needs are provided within minutes from your home as you can select from the new Chedraui department and grocery store or the nearby Sams club or Mexican Wallmart Aurera Bodega.  The equally convenient Pemex gas station provides a nice contrast from the long lines often found at the downtown gas stations. And minutes away there is a 5  star like Hacienda hotel where for 50 pesos a day you can enjoy a swim in a resort like pool and use the wifi provided there. Living closer to midisland means a much closer proximity to the ever increasing popularity of the Carribean or Wild side of the island. There you escape to a seculded beach a take a walk along the turquoise blue green sea where you can feel as if you are on an uninhabited island.

Drive home where you can choose to end the day on the cozy private terrace off the master bedroom and sip a glass of wine, enjoy the island breezes and gaze at the stars above. Or perhaps have a candlelight dinner at the front yard dining area and gaze upon the unique moonlite mural. Awaken the next day to yet another choice: a breakfast at the backyard dining table where you can sit in the rocking loveseat and gaze at the mural depicting Kilimanjaro and the African wildlife quencing their thirst at a waterhole. 

Yes... this unique country paradise home is awaiting an owner looking for a one of a kind home on a one of a kind island.


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